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Stay En Pointe

Stretch, push and tone your body in a supportive and fun environment!

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About us

Feel strong. Feel capable. Feel powerful. At Pilates Pro, we are our happiest when we're helping Winnipeg's residents connect with their bodies in a deep and meaningful way. Through Pilates and barre exercises, we train our students to strengthen and tone using purposeful, controlled movement.

Unsure of what Pilates and barre classes are? Pilates is an exercise regimen developed by Joseph Pilates. It was created as a way to boost flexibility and strength. Our Pilates instructor brings over 16 years of experience, helping you lengthen and strengthen through intelligent exercise.

Inspired by ballet, barre classes use the graceful and precise movements of this classic dance form to help students improve posture and core strength. Work on your lines and boost your mind/ body awareness in one of our fun and engaging classes.

In addition to both of these, we offer equipment-based classes, for those looking for new ways to push themselves. Tone, strengthen and increase your endurance using our specialized gym equipment.

Our classes are perfect for students at all levels of fitness. We teach dancers, athletes and beginners alike! If you'd like to reconnect with your body, give us a call. We'd be happy to answer any questions about scheduling or pricing that you may have.

Benefits of Pilates and barre classes

  • Spinal alignment

  • Heightened mind/ body awareness

  • Effective post-rehabilitation

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Relief from stress and backpain

  • Injury prevention

  • Stability

  • Core strength

  • Long, lean muscles

Languages Spoken

  • English

Products and/or Services

  • Pilates

  • Barre class pilates

  • Classes for dancers and athletes



Pilates Pro

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